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For success, for real success, you'll need a plan.  A bad plan is better than no plan.  So have a plan.  You'll also need regimen.  You'll need a system of jotting down the tasks you'll be filling your hours and 15-minute chunks with.  Once you've decided what to do, what to pursue then you will need to create such a system.  To guide you in this process, start here.  To manage your time, try this "Every 15-Minute" table that was recommended by an extremely successful time-manager. 

Where ever it is that you decide to go to school, whether it is your standard academic, degree-granting school or a trade school or an online school, be sure before you begin that there is a certificate at the end of the course or the degree.  Get that certificate or degree.  That is your badge.  You need badges.  Badges demonstrate a certain competency level with a very specific skill.  Most colleges don't do this.  You get a degree in English.  What does that say about you?  Does it say that you can write?  Maybe.  But who cares?  Write for what?  For whom?  To what end?  Too often the goal is lost.  Or the goal shifts.  First you think you're going to knock down the world, then you realize that you've got to get a job, get paid, and pay off debt.  Suddenly your initial desire for the "college experience" is beginning to be filled with dread.  And you will be right.  It is an absolute waste of your time.  Some will say, "go ahead and waste it as long as you get the degree."  The degree has little value, except as entry into a club of other degreed folks.  The US Army issues badges.  Why not you?  Why not make sure that whatever academic outfit you decide to hitch your wagon to that it markets your readiness, ability, and worthiness in very specific skill in a very specific way.  Earning a BA in English literature is not specific.  It claims nothing.  Nothing except that you paid dearly for a worthless degree.  Well, if you can't find an academic outfit that issues specific badges, that doesn't mean that other worthwhile organizations don't already do this.  I've already cited the US Army.  Did you know that Mozilla offers these badges?  Yep.  It's called OpenBadges.  Take their courses, earn certification, and earn your badges.

This comment from a forum I belong to was interesting, "But, of greater value are the "tabs" (located on the soldier's left shoulder, top of sleeve); particularly the Ranger Tab. Rangers are a select few who are "seeded" into other units; sort of as resident subject matter experts on the fundamentals, transferring knowledge and skills to their non-tabbed peers, whom form the bulk of the organization.

From this perspective, Rangers are a "cadre" that reflect and represent the pinnacle of proficiency, and are highly regarded. They are not trained in exceptional tools, methods, and techniques; rather, they are trained to get the fundamentals to near art form. As such, they are top performers. ("

Other online outfits that offer badges of a sort is Freelancer.  I may not call them badges, but they do have insignias that designate very specific skills and qualifications.  Another nice thing about Freelancer is that all of your production is evaluated and graded.  So you're constantly under the spotlight of future clients.  Which is good!
****************************************************************************What percentile of the U.S. economy are you in? 
This handy calculator lets you find out. 
In some regions, money goes further. 
I hope you are doing well. 
This may come as a shock to you. You may be one of the "exploiters." 
from Gary "No Guilt" North 

Successful African king worth $400 billion. 

Here is a high school student who created a financial/economic blog for her Senior project.

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