“There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.” –Mahatma Gandhi

To understand the legal requirements of homeschooling, start here: HSLDA, Home School Legal Defense Association.

Check out this incredible family.

This would be the class that I would teach in 11th grade English.  I would call it the Tom Woods Curriculum.

Ron Paul Curriculum

Free curriculum!  That's right.  It's incredible.  I cannot believe it, but it is true.  And you earn college credit.  It's called Education Portal.  Check it out.

Logos School 

1.  Prager University.

TECHNICAL CURRICULUM is a great online technical school.  All that you want to know and learn about computer software is here.

Udacity is a terrific school.  Lots of courses for free.  Yes! is another great online technical school.  If your son or daughter wants to learn, this is the place.  If your daughter or boy wants to improve on their knowledge, these are the places.  Here is a brief endorsement of Udemy from a subscriber at Bill Myers' site:

"I have subscribed to about 10 courses on Udemy. Three of them were free, the rest of them range in price from $29 to $180. I always wait for the half-price offers from Udemy, but I really like the fact that there's no time limit for completion of the course and that it's always there whenever you want to watch.

They offer a 30-day trial, which is great. One course I subscribed to was very good, but it had absolutely nothing for me because it turned out to be based on using Adobe Illustrator. Udemy refunded my money within two hours.

You can download courses, transfer them to a Kindle Fire or your laptop for viewing offline. I have seen the courses offered increase at a rapid pace, which . . . also noted Udemy's growing popularity."


w3schools is the largest web development site.  Great resource.

For Developers:
Want to learn Ruby on the Rails?  Here are some options:


Ray Kurzweil

ANIMATION CURRICULUM is a highly recommended animation online school. is terrific.


All in One School


Coursera is well-known.

Khan Academy is terrific.  I find it useful for math and science, but he also provides history lessons.  Definitely give this place a view.

MIT & Harvard

Great Courses


Home-School Legal Defense Association has a great list of subject-specific curriculum.

A Beka Academy

Gary North Free Christian Curriculum

Art Robinson Curriculum.  Here are some Robinsons resources and a book list.  Here is a book list by grade level.  Recommendations on where to start older children.

St. Thomas Aquinus Syllabus

Insight Schools Schools
K12 is the largest full-time online curriculum in America--about 130,000 students. Co-founded by Bill Bennett. The curriculum is offered through public schools including charter schools and school districts, but the child studies from home with an online teacher plus their parent/guardian learning coach facilitating. Mastery learning, flexible pace.

Trivium Education

How to Survive Outdoors


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