Call 626-789-1599 today and ask for Mike.  

I Tutor People in the Following Subjects
ENGLISH: literature, grammar, vocabulary, academic, creative, and business writing.
MATH: Algebra and Geometry.
HISTORY: American and European.
SCIENCE: Biology, some Chemistry.

Price is $15 per student per hour. 

Lynnette, a San Gabriel parent, noted that "He is kind and patient and smart."

Jessica, a graduating senior from Los Angeles, said "I like [his] writing."  (Update: Jessica graduated from high school and is now enrolled in a law enforcement training program, studying to be a police officer.)

Joanne, a student from Santa Ana, said "Mr. Mike expects me to do my best."  (Update: Joanne graduated from high school, then from UC Irvine, and is currently teaching in Los Angeles County.)

Nate, a student from Pasadena, said "The things that I like about Mr. Mike is he is a nice person. Mr. Mike wants to make us successful. I can feel I learn much more English because I don't talk to Americans in my class, but here (in tutoring) I can talk to Mr. Mike and it makes my English getting better."  (Update: This student is currently the marketing and accounting manager of his family's retail business.)

"Mike is a very good tutor who helps me on my English and history and science homework.  He gives me weekly exercises on grammar and Greek and Latin roots.  He leads me in reading and allows me to read until I get tired.  So far I have read 3 books—Shane, The Silver Chair, and My Antonia.  I have learned a lot from each book.  Sincerely, Joseph." (Update: Joseph finished his first high-school semester with a C+ average .  He finished his second semester with an A- GPA.)

My instruction helped raise API scores on average 26 points in 2005, 25 points in 2007, and 44 points in 2008. I will help your child with his school work and projects. With me he will also learn skills that will position himself well after high school.  

Call 626-789-1599 today and ask for Mike. 

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